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Ares Sportswear - Better Than Ever, Just What You Need

Hey coaches, we understand. We know you signed up to coach, not handle money, designs, and sizing for uniforms. But that seems to take up a lot of your time doesn’t it? We know. We’re here to solve every problem in the process to get you the gear your team needs. But honestly, we had a problem with our own process. It didn’t allow us to properly carry out our vision and help you in the incredible ways that we’ve had planned for so long, so we changed that.

What did we do to change and why did we do it? The bigger picture answer is our website. So here are the details:

Our Website

Our website needed a little help in general. It was outdated, clunky, and crashed often. Now we have a brand-new site with a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Plus, it's beautiful to look at!

The Apparel Designer

Working through our catalog on the phone is still a great way to complete and order a design, but we’ve made it even easier for you. Our updated website has an apparel designer that allows you to do it all yourself! Just upload your design, choose apparel, fonts, and colors, then make your order! It’s that easy.

4MyTeam is a collection of three tools that makes ordering team apparel hassle free. The three tools:

  • Order with Print4myTeam

  • Open a store with Shop4MyTeam

  • Manage your team with Play4MyTeam

We’ve separated these services so we can specialize in each area. This allows for a quicker and higher quality experience for you.

We hope you’ll find comfort knowing that our already helpful process has just gotten easier and more concise. Our goal is to provide a smooth-sailing experience when it comes to ordering gear because your job is hard enough as it is. We did our research and we are better than ever, ensuring our new and improved services are just what you need.