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Olentangy Braves - Maintain Focus; Let Us Handle The Gear

The cheerleaders of Olentangy High School prove to be dynamic, driven young women crushing goals and destroying stereotypes. Though they understand that confidence, leadership, and strong moral character are important traits to maintain in their everyday lives, they implement these values into their sport and push each other individually, leading to their collective success.
We spoke with Keeley Hickey about her experience as coach of the Olentangy High School cheerleading team and why she feels Ares Sportswear lets her focus on just that—coaching!

Keeley says, “Our gear pulls us together as a team. We look good everywhere we go, and the compliments we receive solidify that. Gear ordering can really be a headache, though. Ares makes it SO easy.”

Keeley has been a coach for 11 years. She’s dealt with the pains of ordering gear and we understand that time is precious. We want to give you your time back so you can coach again.

“With a program of 60 cheerleaders and six coaches it’s hard filling in spreadsheets, ordering gear, and getting purchase orders together. Now we get to just coach! Ares has INCREDIBLE customer service and I cannot express how much I love working with them,” Keeley says. “Oh, and go for the glitter…we love the glitter!”

With great gear to compete in, Olentangy High School’s cheerleaders have been able to truly work hard the last few years. Keeley feels this year has been the most incredible year yet. “It means so much to me to be a part of a team where the girls are the ones setting goals and I have the opportunity to watch them achieve every single one. I watch them laugh and grow, but get to help them up when they struggle, then watch the excitement in their eyes when it all finally comes together.”

Cheerleading is a year-round sport. Keeley explains that many underestimate how intense the conditioning is and just how much dedication is required to be the best. “The amount of skill it takes to throw your body head over heels and slam your body into the ground all while yelling, smiling, and pretending nothing hurts is no easy feat,” she says.

Year-round training requires strong dedication and focus, which are admirable traits for high schoolers. Because of this, the community notices that these girls are different from the cheerleading stereotype. With the highest GPAs in the school and a hard-working mindset in practice, thesecheerleaders continually prove to be extremely impressive. Keeley says,“I tell the team to remember that there is a young girl in the stands watching every move you make, hoping to one day be you.”

Top notch performance requires top notch athletic apparel. As representatives of Olentangy High School, the cheerleading team always needs to look their absolute best.

Ares is expected to provide gear that stands the test that Olentangy’s cheerleaders face; year-round performance. With practice 3–5 times a week for 52 weeks straight, the team doesn’t have time to worry about gear lacking the quality they need. Keeley says the quality Ares provides is outstanding and continues to look brand new, even by the end of the year.

With so much potential in these girls, Keeley is excited to see how the year turns out. With goals to win the conference with their competition team and placing top 10 again at the division 1 state championship, Olentangy High School cheerleading has a lot on their plate. Luckily, they have the ambitionand the gear necessary to accomplish their dreams.